Aeon Process

There are 4 divisions in the organization which work on a project once it is assigned:

Project Management

  • Project Planning
  • Client – Field Coordination
  • Field Support
  • Quota Management from Dashboard
  • Client Deliveries
  • Project Closure

Field Division

  • Training- briefing
  • Data Collection
  • Field  Accompaniment
  • Personal Back Check
  • Daily Productivity Monitoring
  • Quota Management on the field

QM & Compliance

  • Audio Scrutiny
  • Telephonic Back Checking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Audit report to concerned team
  • Summary of Audit
  • Compliance  Check of PM & Field Process

IT Division

  • Scripting & Survey Programming   
  • Software Solutions
  • Procurement of Devices 
  • Storage of Devices 
  • Allotment of Devices
  • Repairing & Maintenance

These 4 divisions work very closely with each other in order to get the project successfully done. Each division has its own responsibility and activity area for which they are accountable.