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About AEON

We are a team of experienced and modern thinking market research professionals. Our core team has served the leading market research agencies in India at leading positions and is capable in handling all type of market research assignments. During the 7 years of our journey, we have been able to establish our offices in 16 major markets in India and nowadays there are more than a thousand full time employees across India.

As a thought leader in the industry, we have always been thinking about the burning issues in our industry and we came across the fact that the complete dependency of Market Research industry over the interviewers who are freelancers and lwe strongly felt the need of a dependable and dedicated interviewing team and as result AEON is the first market research company in India which hired interviewers as full time employees.

We are committed to the quality of data collection for which we emphasize on following the SOP for any assignment we undertake. And our Quality Management Division works as internal third party audit team and approves on the quality of data collection before sharing the data with our clients.

As a team we strive at following:

  • Meeting the increasingly exacting service standards expected by our clients.
  • Developing the same sense of responsibility from top to the bottom within the team.
  • Using the best available technology (which is fool proof and productive) and providing good value and competitive price to the clients.
  • Promoting equal opportunities for all staff, clients and stakeholders.
  • Encouraging team to always aim for reaching the next level of responsibility.

Our Visionary Thought

“You Don’t Build A Business You Build People And Then People Build The Business.”

AEON - Market Research Company

Aeon Research is a member of MRSI and ESOMAR and hence the staff is trained in accordance with MRSI guidelines and abide by ESOMAR code of conduct. Aeon’s entire field process is guided by it’s Field Manual and quality is maintained at 3 phases, Pre-Fieldwork, During-Fieldwork and Post-Fieldwork.

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